One Big Family. One Big Community.

The Coffeehouse Story

The CoffeeHouse in Uptown is one of the few surviving Mom & Pop establishments, yet with not so traditional origins. Pop is from the island of Aruba and Mom is from the Czech Republic. First came love, then came coffee!

Our Coffee beans are sourced from all around the world: Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya... your morning coffee is truly a global marriage. Our owners keep in contact with the coffee farms we source from.

A Global experience made local

Our space was designed with the Uptown Normal community in mind.

Your Café

Our space was designed with the Uptown Normal community in mind, offering a variety of seating. There is ample amount of space to host large group meetings upstairs or downstairs. After hours, musicians and performers can access our performance stage. The interior walls are left for the featured artist of the month. Stop in and check out the rotating local artwork or host an event of your own!

Booking our Space

A meeting place for students of all kinds:

Your Community

Located just off the campus of Illinois State University, The CoffeeHouse offers a unique menu with vegetarian and vegan options. Breakfast is served all day long, with daily lunch and dinner specials on hand. Freshly roasted coffee is available in bulk, by the pound or half pound. There are always fresh-baked pastries, whole-grain breads, cookies, and cakes on hand as well. We open early 7 days a week, welcoming families, townies, undergrads, and professors every day.

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Your Coffeehouse!

The CoffeeHouse has proudly served Uptown Normal and its residents since 1996.

What We Do

There are a few things we do differently that set us apart from the rest. 

Single-Origin Coffee – We carefully and responsibly select our beans. And it comes through in the rich, full flavor of each and every cup. 

In-House Roasted Beans – Freshness is key when it comes to coffee. That’s why we roast our beans right here in the shop.

Fresh-Made Baked Goods – Our pastries and baked goods are made fresh daily – never frozen and never shipped, from scratch!

Vegetarian & Vegan Menus – One of the only spots in town with fully vegetarian and vegan menus (+ real bacon for meat-eaters).

Active Engagement with the Community – We are deeply passionate about serving the community we love.

Since 1996, we’ve been celebrating the diversity, artistic talent, and the love that we’ve found here in Normal. We support our other local entrepreneurs, businesspeople, leaders, and give artists a home base for gathering.

With an inviting and open seating space, free Wi-Fi, and rotating food and drink specials, The CoffeeHouse is the perfect spot to get some work done, catch up with friends, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.